Belgrave Riverside residential

Belgrave Riverside residential housing

Leicester Abbey Meadows regeneration scheme

A housing development at the former BUSM industrial site in Leicester, part of the Abbey Meadows regeneration scheme, north of the city centre.

Photographs were taken to give a feel for the layout of the site and the range of modern houses. The development includes a range of social housing and is still being developed.

Housing development

The masterplan for development of this former industrial site was developed by MCa (Marchini Curran Associates). The staged development of townhouses is arranged in terraces.

The photos

The images shown here are from the 50MP original shots. This means that for web and even print use, they can be cropped to whatever size fits your needs.

This detail showing the relationship with existing Victorian terraced housing is a small crop from one of the photos in the gallery above.

location context - existing houses

Whilst we’d normally capture views like this anyway, the high resolution images we provide, just give extra flexibility in using photos. Any of the photos in the gallery could comfortably be printed at 36″x 24″ for decorative and promotional use.

BUSM ( British United Shoe Machinery Co. Ltd.)

During much of the 20th century, BUSM was the worlds largest supplier of footwear manufacturing machinery and materials.

The brownfield industrial site development represented numerous challenges. It’s on a flood plain and has several major sewers beneath the surface. The completed project will include a park, dedicated to Charles Bennion, the managing director of BUSM responsible for purchasing Bradgate Park and giving it to the people of Leicestershire.

Ongoing work

Part of the Abbey Meadows regeneration scheme, it’s close to the UK National Space centre. An important part of the plans for the area includes keeping some of the industrial landmarks, such as the Wolsey chimney stack.

wolsey chimney stack, Leicester

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