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Wind turbines in the agricultural landscape

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Wind turbine photography

Turbines in their agricultural environment

An extended project, where we were asked to photograph wind turbine generators on farms across England and Scotland.  The generators allow for significant reductions in farm electricity bills and the potential to export surplus power to the grid.

Quite a tricky job, since most of the shots were required in October and needed bright skies.

Image processing

Our normal photography service includes basic image editing for geometry, brightness and colour.

In this instance, the client wanted the images showing farmers with sunny skies. Given the very short timescales for the project and the UK weather in October, you should expect problems.

Whilst most of the images here are pretty much ‘as shot’ there are several with ‘alternative’ skies.   One of the advantages of our doing this additional Photoshop work is that our sample skies are shot with the same lens, so they match the perspective.

That said, if you want nice skies in your photos, we suggest planning ahead…

You can go higher if need be…

turbines in field

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