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Landscape photography

Photography of landscapes for technical and decorative use

Landscape photography for architects, developers and civil engineers – using the techniques of fine art photography for both practical and decorative purposes.


Northlight Images’ photographer Keith Cooper uses his skill and passion as a landscape photographer to create photographs that can be used to show and promote your building or project - in use - in its natural landscape or the built environment.

Our wide angle, panoramic images are perfect for computer simulation backgrounds and visual impact assessment reports when accuracy and clarity are essential.

The images here show how great composition, the perfect light and making the right choices when processing the image can make the industrial or utilitarian landscape beautiful. There is a collection of related images from when we were asked to photograph wind turbines on farms.

We work with planners, developers civil engineering and construction firms to provide accurate images of sites before, during and after construction and with business owners looking for a new way to present their industrial premises.

We have more information on our professional commercial landscape photography services on our main site.

We’ve a guide to our fees on our main commercial photography site.