Commercial property sales

Brochure and sales pack photography

Photographs for the commercial property sales brochure of a city centre public house.

A selection of the photos supplied to the design agency creating sales literature for the property.

City centre pub

The examples here show how the space (a long thin property) can be illustrated in a number of different ways depending on lens choices and the post processing of image geometry.

Note too the use of a tilted lens for the close up shot of the beer pumps. The plane of sharpness extends all the way to the main entrance, whilst the bar behind the pumps is gently out of focus. This selective use of focus can only be achieved through the use of specialist lenses – you cannot reliably duplicate it from a normal photograph via Photoshop.

A more common use of the effect is to enable a sharp view of a whole wall, floor or ceiling, even with the camera placed closely to the subject and looking obliquely along it.

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