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Commercial property sales

Commercial property sales

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Commercial property sales

Brochure and sales pack photography

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Photographs for the commercial property sales brochure of a city centre public house.

A selection of the photos supplied to the design agency creating sales literature for the property.

All images supplied at high resolution, suitable for cropping and printing at full page size.

City centre pub

Some of the images we supplied for a property brochure and web listing.

The photographs in this gallery of a pub in Leicester City Centre were taken on behalf of a marketing agency charged with producing a brochure for the sale of the property.

The property presented a couple of challenges. The building ran between two streets, with the entrances at either end being the only source of natural light. Making sure all the lights in the property were switched on, by carefully balancing the colour temperature of the different light sources, managing colour and with careful use of exposure it was possible to create images of real warmth.

The linear design of the building, with the bar in the middle created something of a bottle-neck that made the space seem narrower than it actually was. The real trick was to make sure the photos didn’t make the property look like a corridor with seating, but instead accurately reflected the true dimensions and impression of the space - something that is particularly important with property sales, when the legal requirement to give an accurate representation of the building needs to be balanced with aesthetics.

When tackling tricky spaces like this, lens choice and the post processing of image geometry is more than usually important. By using an ultra wide fisheye lens and using de-fishing software in post it was possible to eradicate the problems the building initially seemed to present.

Our lens of choice for most of our architectural photography work is a tilt shift lens, but here we’ve used it for the detail shots too. Note the use of a tilted lens for the close up shot of the beer pumps and the way the plane of sharpness extends all the way to the main entrance, whilst the bar behind the pumps is gently out of focus. This selective use of focus can only be achieved through the use of specialist lenses – you cannot reliably duplicate it from a normal photograph via Photoshop.

A more common use of the effect is to enable a sharp view of a whole wall, floor or ceiling, even with the camera placed closely to the subject and looking obliquely along it.

The careful choice of lenses, expert post production work and an eye for detail resulted in a collection of shots that show not just the size and dimensions of the building but also the warmth of the decor and gave our clients the flexibility to chose from a wide range of images that tell the story of the property.

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