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Cultural location photography

Photography of cultural projects

Interior and exterior shots of theatres, cinemas, museums, arts and cultural venues – from historically important heritage buildings to contemporary modern design.

Architectural photography of the cultural landscape

The images here show how the grand, groundbreaking and architecturally important buildings of the UK’s cultural landscape are best captured by a professional architectural photographer – using specialist lenses and careful, expert post production techniques.

Keith’s use of wide angle lenses and multi-image stitched photography enables him to capture even the largest and grandest building and its surroundings in just one photograph.

We work closely with owners, architects and local authorities, tourism specialists, event and exhibition promoters to provide photographs that tell your story and will promote and champion your building, service and facilities.

See how we tackled the difficult task of photographing  major tourist attraction and heritage gem St David's Cathedral.

We’ve a guide to our fees on our main commercial photography site.