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Kibworth Cricket Club

Changing light at a sports pavilion

The views of the pavilion at Kibworth Cricket Club were all taken at different times of the day (on different days). They show rather well how changing light effects the ‘feel’ of a building.

Kibworth Cricket club

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The difference light can make to your photographs

Chosing the right time of day makes for very different styles of image.

The photographs for this project were commissioned by the designing architect - who wanted shots of the exterior of this modern cricket pavilion for their website.

The client was particularly keen to show how the look of the building changed in different light, allowing us to put into practice our knowledge of changing light and our understanding of the way it can alter the form, shape and colour of a structure as well as the feel and ambience.

With correct timing of the shots and by balancing the interior, artificial lighting with the fading natural light, we were able to ensure we fulfilled the client’s brief to show the interior lighting scheme at its best. Correct balancing of the colours was also critical to avoid cold, uninviting shots which are an issue when shooting at this time of day.

To get the shots our client wanted involved 2 visits - one during the day in late Autumn, the second at dusk a few weeks later, once the leaves had fallen. This time difference not only ensured we got the shots we needed but also the bare trees in the dusk shots give a slightly different feel to the photographs.

Expert use of wide angle, tilt/shift lenses - 17mm and 24mm focal lengths - allowed us to capture the scale and form of the project. The photos show the gentle curve of the building and multi-shot stitched images give a real feel for the scale and size of the building and the way it sits in its landscape.

Working with the available light was a key element in this project and our photographer - Keith Cooper - has written a blog post about lighting at dusk and there is a much longer article about how the lighting of buildings changes around sunset on the Northlight site, with many more examples.

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