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Student housing

Student housing

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Student accommodation

Photography of student housing and apartments

This project groups together images of purpose built student housing projects – developments that seem to be a real feature of the 21st century.

Student housing

Leicestershire is a ‘university’ county with 2 in the city and a 3rd in the county. The last 10 years has seen a growth in the development of accommodation designed for students.

As property photography specialists we’ve documented this growth, working on behalf of architects, letting companies and interior designers to produce images that promote their design, facilities and services.

We’ve found that the sites in this sector we’re asked to photograph are often very modern buildings with hard geometric lines and - in some cases - bold colours. The shots that work best to showcase these buildings are ultra wide images - sometimes multi shot stitched photos - taken with specialist tilt-shift lenses that preserve the strong verticals.

The stitching technique worked particularly well when taking the interior shots (at the end of the gallery) as we were able to clearly show the double height ceiling our client - the interior designer - was particularly keen to highlight.

Living and working so close to De Montfort University makes it very easy to pop out and shoot many of these buildings in perfecting lighting conditions, so providing a range of shots for our clients to choose from.

What we can do to help you if you're in the student housing sector.