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Based in Leicester – Covering the UK

We’re a Leicester based professional photography company, providing commercial photography services in the East Midlands and throughout the UK.

Unlike many photographers, we -only- cover commercial work. We strongly believe that to get the best results for your business, you should deal with an expert.

Our full range of commercial photography services (and training) can be found on our Northlight Images web site.

We’ve got a guide to our photography fees on our main site

Convey your message at a glance

Great photos can get your message across much quicker than the written word.

Images visually support and reinforce the message you are trying to communicate to your customers.

Our aim is to provide you with professional photography services that tell your story help you connect with your clients and customers in the most direct way possible.

Keith Cooper – photographer

Keith Cooper is a architectural and landscape photographer based in Leicester, England. He is an Associate Member of RIBA and an active participant on the council of the Leicestershire and Rutland Society of Architects.

A keen photographer all his life, Keith decided to put his skills to ‘professional’ use and set up Northlight Images in 2004, after a career including geophysical surveying and design research at Loughborough University.

Keith firmly believes that the latest in imaging technology can make a significant difference to images both from a technical and creative perspective.

He is an acknowledged expert in high resolution, gigapixel, panoramic and spherical panoramic photography and believes firmly in sharing his practical expertise and experience with a large readership. He has written extensively on many aspects of photography and his commitment to education and information is recognised by the global businesses he works with,  testing and reviewing photography related hardware and software.

A scientist by inclination and training, Keith likes to break boundaries and to invent new techniques, creating images that often leave even other photographers wondering just how he’s done it. The culmination of this curiosity was a 14 meter, extremely high resolution fine art (so not poster/billboard quality) print of Leicester City Centre at dusk which pushed camera, software and printing technology beyond previous expectations. (He has written a detailed article about its making)

Above all things, Keith likes to take photos that are interesting – no matter how normal or mundane the subject may seem – often surpassing the expectations of even the client, who hadn’t realised just how attractive their building was!

He says:

“I’m always looking to provide images that convey just that little bit extra – not just the bare bones of a building but also its beauty, form and complexity”

Photo of Keith Cooper

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Karen Cooper – Director

Northlight Images are a family team and the business is run by Karen.

With 30 years in customer facing organisations and a degree in arts management, Karen joined Northlight Images in 2012, to help move the business forward with the launch of our sister site EFLens.com (which she built from scratch) and a major re-design of our main website.

The majority of the written word on this website is all Karen’s work – she like words!

Karen is a detail person – organised is the word most used to describe her – and spends a good majority of her time making sure life, personal and business, runs smoothly.

If you’ve received a quote, booked a job with us, been sent an invoice, read a newsletter or follow Northlight Images on Twitter, it’ll be Karen you’ve dealt with. You may also have read some of her blog articles about the importance of photography in marketing businesses.

When she met Keith in 2006 she knew nothing about photography, now everyday is a learning experience and she’s evolved into a more than adequate assistant.

She says: “I firmly believe that if I’m going to talk or write about a subject and support Keith and our clients, then I should do my best to learn what I can about the subject.”

While her photography is mainly confined to holiday snaps, sometimes her photos do see the light of day – the photo of Keith above is her work and she’s probably one of the few people who can get him to relax in front of the camera.

Although she’s still on a learning curve technically, Karen has an eye for selecting just the right photo to get the message across and helps Keith chose most of the photos for our portfolios, social media and marketing materials.

Karen Cooper Director Northlight Images

Creativity and technology working together

Great results in modern architectural photography come from an understanding of both the technological advances and the creative processes of photography.

Lens movements

Northlight Images specialises in very wide angle, rectilinear images of buildings and sites.

Using the right tool for the job is important and Keith Cooper is a recognised expert in the use of tilt/shift lenses, having written extensively on their use.

Whilst image geometry (such as convergence of vertical lines) can be partly corrected in post processing, such issues are best dealt with at the time of shooting thus avoiding the distortion of the image that can often occur with software correction only.

Gigapixel imaging

Ultra high resolution gigapixel images are the digital answer to large format film photography. In most cases the gigapixel images produced by Northlight Images can vastly exceed the technical capabilities of this traditional method of photography and so bring the experience of panoramic images to a wider audience – often at much less cost.

There are some examples you can zoom and pan on the High resolution imaging page.

Geometry Correction

From full rectification to spherical ‘little world’ projections, to meet a variety of technical and creative requirements.

Night photography

To create great looking night time shots, we use a multiple exposure technique and sophisticated image processing software to give a realistic look to buildings at night.

Our experience tells us that attention to detail and careful editing avoids the visible processing artefacts and un-natural feel that are the pitfalls of conventional ‘HDR’ night photography.

Articles and reviews

Keith Cooper writes in-depth articles and reviews, which appear on our Northlight Images web site. There is a page outlining our policies on reviewing products on that site.

Items of direct relevance to architectural photography may also appear on this site, in a more condensed form, in Keith’s Blog

Media and Press Information

Media Contact: Karen Cooper

Contact details :

Northlight Images, 86 Harrow Road
Leicester, Leicestershire, UK. LE3 0JW
Telephone (Mon-Fri. 9am-5pm)
+44 (0)116 291 9092

Media information pack

Full information pack to follow. Please contact Karen Cooper for any information in the meantime.