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Large photos for manifestations on glass office dividers

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Manifestation applied to glass office wall

Large translucent prints applied as manifestations to glass walls and partitioning

Custom photos and images for manifestations

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service HQ in Birstall was designed with a light and open feel to the building. It makes much use of glass dividing was between office areas and for meeting rooms.

The designers chose some of our photos to use as manifestations. We’ve a large collection of local landmarks, with availability at very high resolutions.

The building is quite distinctive.

[Design by Leicester architects Pick Everard]

Leicestershire fire and rescue service HQ at Birstall

The exterior photos are taken using our elevated MegaMast. It’s a tripod and remote control system for the camera, going up to 8 metres. There are some more details about using such equipment in another post about making use of different viewpoints.

An essential part of the interior design was to apply translucent prints to many of the glass panels, for decorative and privacy purposes.

Filmed Manifestations such as these are also important to comply with building regulations. Remember that fully glazed panels are required to have a manifestation applied.

Photos let light through the glass keeping an open feel. They also diffuse it enough that whilst room occupancy is obvious, there are limited direct views. The images also make the glass visible (hence the term manifestation), since in a busy workplace it’s easy to be distracted and mistake a panel for a door or vice versa.

Northlight Images supplied a collection of our local Leicester images at high resolution for use by the interior design team.

Leicestershire fire service hq_1

Huge images

This particular image is a part of our huge 14 metre (47 feet) panoramic print of Leicester City centre at dusk, exhibited in the city a while ago.

You can browse a ‘pan and zoom’ version of the whole city centre view on the high resolution photography page. There are several other very large images to see, with equivalent resolutions well above 500 megapixels.

The particular images used in this building are all from our Leicester stock photography site, which has over 500 high quality images of the city.

manifestation on office screen from inside office

The view from outside shows the translucency and diffuse view of the interior.

office screen exterior

The building with its distinctive blue ‘fin’.

blue 'fin' at leics fire HQ

The iridescent tiling is impressive when it catches the light.

Leicester Fire HQ 2