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Radiators – building refurbishment

Radiators – building refurbishment

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Radiators in a building refurbishment

Sometimes we photograph interiors to show off specific commercial products and their installation. Our images are used  for case studies and editorial purposes.

Low profile radiators for offices

The images here were taken for the manufacturer of low surface temperature radiators, in a commercial office environment.

The radiators were installed in the headquarters of Harborough District Council in Market Harborough - a building that was originally the home of R & WH Symington, Victorian corset makers.

Rather than just simple shots of the radiators, our clients (a PR company working on behalf of the manufacturers) were keen to also show the scale and grandeur of the historic building. The aim was to tell the story of the re-furbishment of an historical building, the creation of a modern workspace from an old factory and the place the radiators played in the re-development of an industrial building to a community space.

In short, they wanted interesting pictures of radiators that told a bigger story.

Wide angle shots show the space and grandeur of the interiors while tilt-shift lenses preserves the lines and geometry of this fine example of Victorian industrial architecture. Additional shots of the wider area, including surrounding buildings allowed our clients to tell a story of the building in its full context within the urban landscape.

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