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St. George’s, Leicester

St. George’s, Leicester

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St. George's, Leicester

Photography for a sales brochure and advertising materials

We're specialist commercial property and architectural photographers, and one of our clients recently asked us to photograph a large Leicester buildings complex.

They needed the photos to put together a new commercial property brochure. Our internal and external photographs are used for illustrating a brochure they were designing for the entire site.

The St George's site

The site is often locally known simply as the ‘Blue Tower’ and is something of a landmark building in the city of Leicester. It’s one of those buildings that people love and hate, with its distinctive blue colour and prominent position overlooking the city centre.

It's no longer the bright blue it was originally painted a few years ago. Even so, it's difficult to miss when coming out of Leicester railway station.

The property is a mixed use site with residential properties (private and student accommodation), office space - for a large, national insurance company and the international offices of one of Leicester's universities, a hotel and gym.

The client needed photographs that showed the scale and size of the estate, its uses, utilities and its place within the city - hence the shots of the station and nearby amenities.

Our client arranged primary access for us to the site. We then worked with individual tenants and leaseholders for access to specific locations.

Keith Cooper completed all of the internal photography in the course of a single visit - returning to site to get all the external shots.

Many of the more expansive pictures are multi shot stitched images that show the extent of the property. Expert use of tilt-shift lenses means we were able to maintain the strong vertical lines of the building, particularly the main tower.

The client received a large collection of photos - far in excess of what you see here - with all the images edited for colour, corrected for geometry and at sufficient resolution for any web or print needs.

There's more about our commercial property photography services on this site.